Mazur Ivanusa, LLC provided full legal support to a Ukrainian subsidiary of large multinational industrial solutions provider in connection with its dispute with the Ukrainian tax authorities. The dispute related to the results of a chamber (off-site) tax audit performed by the local tax authorities. Upon completion of the tax audit, the subsidiary was assessed significant amount of allegedly understated corporate tax, which the subsidiary tried to appeal unsuccessfully in the higher-level tax authorities.

Our tax attorneys have carefully analysed all demands stated by the tax authorities in their notification-decision, prepared in-depth objections and filed them with Regional Administrative Court of the City of Kyiv. The Administrative Court fully supported arguments of our client and by its decision removed all fines and tax assessments imposed by the tax authorities in full.

One of the distinctive features in this administrative litigation was that the Court accepted as evidence the corrected tax returns for the periods covered by the tax audit, which were originally filed by our client both during the tax audit and during the consideration of our client’s initial appeal at the higher-level tax authorities.

Our team of lawyers in this matter was led by Dmytro Ivanusa, Partner.