With one of the most experienced teams in this area, Mazur Ivanusa advise banks and other financial institutions, supranational lenders, on a full range of matters relating to finance. Our attorneys are able to assist both borrowers and arranging banks on every type of financing transaction.

We regularly advise lenders and borrowers on any issues ranging from straightforward secured or unsecured cross-border loans to sophisticated finance transactions involving large syndications of lenders, complex security structures and hedging arrangements. Our attorneys combine our first-class transactional experience with a deep knowledge of the legal issues affecting local and international lenders and provide specifically structured corporate, tax, antitrust and other solutions arising in the context of any particular financing transaction.

Our expertise enables us to handle effectively large and complex transactions, anticipate and address the requirements of any party to it. We can suggest reasonable solutions to the borrower’s needs or protect customary or transaction specific lender’s requirements with respect to a particular finance.

The Firm’s attorneys are able to address your requirements and provide regulatory advice on all aspects of financing to Ukrainian corporate and sovereign borrowers, advise on transactions involving derivatives, securitisations (mortgage, auto-loans, DPRs or otherwise originated cash-flows), Tier II lending to Ukrainian banks, LPN/MTN and similar debt programs.

Scope of our services also covers, among other things, standalone or combined Regulation S/Rule 144A placements, Ukrainian currency control and foreign currency exchange matters, licensing of Ukrainian banks and other financial institutions, local securities trading and regulation. We seamlessly perform any relevant due diligence procedures; liaise with all relevant state authorities with respect to the filings and the receipt of any necessary permits for completing any finance transaction. In addition, we possess first-class experience in all matters related to the creation, mergers, sale or acquisition of banks or banking groups in Ukraine.

We provide advice on a full range of local and cross-border finance matters, including:

  • Corporate finance (balance sheet loans);
  • Asset and acquisition finance;
  • Project finance;
  • Structured finance transactions;
  • Secured and unsecured syndicated and bilateral loans;
  • Export credit;
  • Re-financings;
  • Financing transactions involving public and private placements of debt securities by Ukrainian issuers in Ukraine and abroad/issue of Eurobonds by Ukrainian issuers;
  • Pre-IPO corporate restructurings;
  • Depositary receipt programs;
  • Transactions based on or involving derivatives (futures, forwards, swaps, options and other customary OTC transactions);
  •  Securitisations;
  • Sale, assignment and other disposals of distressed debt;
  • Creation, perfection and enforcement of security;
  • Changes to security structure, secured parties or the collateral;
  • Currency control, currency trading, prudential ratios/requirements applicable to Ukrainian banks, RWA issues, licensing and other financial regulatory advice;
  • Post-closing support to agents and other finance parties/monitoring or assisting with matters relating to compliance with covenants and undertakings, other borrower deliverables/conditional waivers and technical defaults/maintenance of security/matters relating to changes to finance parties as well as providing other assistance and advice including in relation to administration of cash-flows created by lenders either for purposes of security or based on other arrangements of the finance documents.