Support for Relocation of Belarusian IT Business to Ukraine

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On 2 October 2020, the President of Ukraine signed the Decree No. 420/2020 (the “Decree”) that supports the relocation of the Belarusian IT business to Ukraine. The Decree came into force on 6 October 2020.

Basic initiatives introduced by the Decree are as follows:

  • Period of temporary stay in Ukraine for IT entrepreneurs and IT specialists, as well as their family members, is extended to 180 days within 365 days;
  • Procedure for issuance of temporary residence permits for IT entrepreneurs and IT specialists, as well as their family members, is simplified and the possibility of reducing the period for obtaining such permits to 3 days is provided, without the need for leaving Ukraine;
  • Procedure for obtaining work permits is reduced to 5 days;
  • Improvement of the procedure for registering IT specialists as individual entrepreneurs – payers of unified tax;
  • Documents issued by the competent authorities of Belarus and required for employment in Ukraine, are recognized in Ukraine.

For more information on this subject please contact Dmytro Ivanusa, Partner.

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